MAGICSIM Elite - iPhone 5S dual sim adapter - featured
MAGICSIM Elite – iPhone 5S
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MAGICSIM Elite – iPhone 5S


Use 2 SIMs in 1 iPhone 5S with a MagicSim ELITE Dual SIM adapter.
Developed specially for your iPhone 5S…


Do you want to use 2 SIMs in your iPhone 5S?

Now you can, with a MAGICSIM ELITE Dual SIM adapter. MAGICSIM is the perfect solution for business people, travellers, commuters, or anyone who uses more than one SIM card or phone number.

The MAGICSIM Dual SIM adapter lets you switch between your SIM cards in two easy clicks using your iPhone’s existing menu. That means no more lengthy SIM swaps, no more international roaming, no more hassle.

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