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Goodtalk S Troubleshoot Guide

General Preparations

1. Make sure the GoodTalk adapter is fully charged for minimum 2 hours. Use a charger with max. 1.000 mAh, else you’ll damage the circuit board.

2. You updated your iPhone with a new iOS release? Make sure you’ve got the improved version of a new iOS release. (Often new iOS releases have errors, so you need to install an improved new iOS release, not the xx.1 version).

3. The GoodTalk adapter requires minimum an iPhone 5 and iOS 7.1.

4. Check if your provider supports the following 2G networks: 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 Mhz.
In the UK all mobile phone providers (like EE, O2 & Vodafone) support these 2G-networks, except for Three. So GoodTalk does not work with Three mobile phone provider.
In Canada and Australia are no 2G-networks, so it does not work there either.
Here you can check which 2G-networks are shut down:

5. Insert your SIM card in your iPhone. Mare sure that the SIM card works properly in your iPhone. And make sure that the SIM card does not have a PIN. If needed remove the PIN. (With a PIN you are able to receive phone calls, but you can’t make calls.)

Installing Goodtalk App

6. The first time you set up the adapter your iPhone needs an Internet connection, WiFi or mobile data from your carrier.

7. Get the GoodTalk App from the Appstore and install it. (NO jailbreak is required).

8. In the Set-Up process you don’t need to input your phone-number, this is only for users in China.

9. Next you receive some notifications that the App wants to access. Click yes for a better user experience. It looks like that ‘Notifications’ has nothing to do with a good Bluetooth connection. Nonetheless the following steps are important for a good Bluetooth connection:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ in your iPhone, got to ‘Privacy’ and turn on ‘Location Services’ and scroll down to the GoodTalk App and allow ‘always’ location access.
  • If necessary turn of ‘Location Services’ in ‘Privacy’ (saves energy and battery endurance), as long as ‘always’ is put on at the same time when ‘Location Services’ is on.

10. You do not need to register with your E-mail to be able to use the adapter. If you want to register with E-mail anyway, when you do not receive a notification email, please check your spam mailbox. It does not work with Gmail.

Installing Goodtalk Adapter Device

11. Put the nano SIM card in the GoodTalk S adapter. A nano SIM card has the same size as the SIM card in your iPhone. Sometimes opening the simtray the first time is a bit difficult. As the inner mechanism of the GoodTalk S is robust, you can apply force. As explained before, the first time you set up the adapter your iPhone needs an Internet connection, WiFi or mobile data from your carrier.

12. On your iPhone turn off the App completely, by pressing the home-button twice in a row, slide the Apps to the left until you reach the GoodTalk App. Turn it off by sliding the App upwards.

13. Shut down the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone.

14. Turn off the adapter by pressing the Power key for 3 sec. The LED lights up blue, followed by green for 1 sec., and then you can let go the power key.

15. Turn on the adapter by pressing the Power key for 3 sec. The LED lights up green, followed by red for 1 sec., and then you can let go the power key.

16. Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone.

17. Turn on the GoodTalk App. Opening the App a second time enables a correct connection.

18. Connect the GoodTalk adapter via the GoodTalk App:

  • Go to ‘Me’ (bottom/right), In the next screen click “Connect device”.
  • In the next screen, pull down the window and press only for half a sec. the Power key on the adapter. The App will look for the present GoodTalk device.
  • Subsequently after max. 10 sec. you get a pop-screen appears, click ‘accept’ to continue connecting. Then a second screen appears stating that “pairing” was successful.

19. Go to the buttons below the screen and select ‘Contacts’. The first time the App asks for access to your iPhone’s contacts. Approve. With an incoming call, you can see now who’s calling.

Frequently Asked Questions Goodtalk S

Frequent Questions
Yes, before use the SIM card in the accessory, you need to disable the PIN. You need to do this by placing the SIM card in your smartphone. >> Go to ‘Settings’ >> scroll down, click on ‘Phone’ >> scroll down, click on ‘SIM PIN’ >> slide button to the left >> enter one more time your PIN >> click’ Ready ‘
Sometimes the slot for the SIM card just seems to be a bit too narrow. Use a 1 or 10 eurocent coin to push the SIM card just a little further until you hear a click. This can also be a pin or something of that kind. But never force it, perhaps the nano SIM card is not well put in the nano-to-micro-SIM adapter.
Yes, to activate the accessory and the app for the first time your smartphone requires an Internet connection. Either via WiFi or via the cellular network of your provider.
On your smartphone the Bluetooth-mode must be turned on. >> Go to Settings >> click ‘Bluetooth’>> slide the switch to the right. (In this menu, you can’t connect the app with your accessory. You need to do this in the app menu).
The first time you start the app you will be asked to register and create an account. This does not work yet. But does not affect the Cloud Service. In a next update of the app this has hopefully been fixed.
If your smartphone is password protected, you will always have to fill in your password before being able to pick up a GoodTalk call. Set the notification as follows: >> go to ‘Settings’ on your smartphone >> scroll down & select ‘GoodTalk’ >> select ‘Notifications’ >> slide “Allow Notifications” to the right >> slide “Show on Lock Screen” to the right >> choose ‘Banners’ or ‘Alerts’ When you receive a GoodTalk call, you must open your smartphone via the GoodTalk notification slider in the middle of the screen. After entering your password the GoodTalk app opens immediately and you can answer your GoodTalk call.
This menu item is only visible when your accessory is connected to the app.
Is your GoodTalk accessory disconnected? With Cloud Service your text messages and the numbers of received calls will be forwarded to your smartphone. Set this as follows: >> go to ‘Apps’/’Settings’ >> go to “More Accessory Settings” >> go to “SMS Notification” >> enter your mobile number without the country code.
Yes, this is set as follows: >> go to ‘Apps’/’Settings’ >> go to “More Accessory Settings” >> slide the button “Alert When Lost” to the right.