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Prices incl. VAT

All prices shown include VAT and exclude shipping costs.

Payment methods

We accept various payment methods: iDEAL, Paypal and Credit Card. In addition, we also offer the following payment methods: Bancontact (Mistercahs), Giropay, Mistercash, Sofort Banking, EPS Przelewy24.

Pay afterwards

We offer post-payment via Afterpay, as we are legally obliged to offer a maximum of 50% direct payment . This way we offer you a payment method with 0% direct payment (prepayment) and 100% postpayment.

Pay safely

Your details will be entered on the website of Mollie, our payment provider, so that we do not have access to your credit card details, for example. These transactions are sent encrypted according to the SSL protocol (128 bit encryption) to PayPal, iDEAL or other banking platforms. The actual payment is carried out in the highly secure environment of PayPal, or at your bank if you pay via one of the other payment providers such as iDEAL.
This makes it impossible for us to see this data and it is very strictly protected against abuse by third parties. PayPal is a globally renowned organisation that attaches great importance to customer protection. Mollie, is a renowned Dutch payment provider, which is affiliated with iDEAL, Mistercash, Sofort banking and Giropay, among others. iDEAL was established by the Dutch banks. Giropay and Sofort banking are popular payment methods – founded by German banks – which you can use in 9 European countries.

Credit card is refused

The most common reason is a typing error. Check whether you have correctly entered the digits on your credit card, the expiry date and year and possibly the digits on the back of the card. All digits must be entered without spaces. Sometimes there is a malfunction and for security reasons the transaction will be declined. Please contact us and we will email you a Mollie payment link.

Mollie payment provider

You can see that the URL/link of the payment page is from Mollie, Mollie is also listed on your bank statement. Mollie (and PayPal) are the companies that process our payments. Mollie is one of the licensees of iDEAL payments and also has a license from DNB, the Dutch Central Bank.

When is the amount debited?

The amount will be debited immediately when you place the order. If you pay by credit card, you will only see it a few days later on your bank statement.


Immediately after paying for your order, you will receive an email with the invoice. Did you not receive an invoice or do you want an email with the VAT invoice? Please send us a message via the contact page or email us at