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Find out more about our products and service...


Troubleshooting for your MagicSIM Model

Frequent Questions

Apple until iOS 11.4.1: go to Settings –> Phone –> Sim Applications

Apple from iOS version 12.1: UK English: go to Settings –> Mobile Data –> Sim Applications
Apple from iOS version 12.1: US English: go to Settings –> Cellular –> Sim Applications

Android‘s operating software, the SIM Toolkit is an app between the other apps. You can also find it via the search-bar “search for apps” and look for for ‘SIM’ or ‘Toolkit’.

Still cannot find STK-menu

In case you still cannot find the Sim Application menu (iPhone) or the SIM Toolkit app (Android), it might be in ‘007 mode’. We do not recommend this mode. To end this mode dial ‘007’ and then look for the Sim Applicatoin menu (iPhone) or the SIM Toolkit app (Android)

If you are using two SIMs from different networks, it may be necessary to unlock your phone in order to use both of them with a Dual SIM adapter.

This is because the pincode of your SIM card is still on. When using your MagicSim adapter we advise you to turn off the PIN of your SIM cards. Otherwise you will not make full use of the primary functionality of your MagicSim adapter. You may need to do this for both SIM cards. Instead you can put a pin code on your smartphone, this way your phone is still secured!

Our NO CUT model adapters require no modification to your SIM card. Your SIM cards simply fit into the adapter, which fits inside your phone. For more details, see the installation guide at the ‘Manual’ tab NO CUT product page. Our CUT model adapters offer a more flexible solution, which involves trimming the excess plastic off your SIM cards before fitting them into the adapter. This process is fully reversible, and simple to execute. For more details, see the installation guide at the ‘Manual’ tab CUT product page.
Yes, using our 2 or 3 SIMS ACTIVE devices. For other Dual SIM products, it isn’t possible to have both SIMs active at the same time as mobile phones are currently built with only one transmitter and receiver. However the ‘autoswitch’ function on all our products enables you to switch between your 2 SIMs at a timed interval, to notify you if you’ve missed a call, received a message, etc.
Our ELITE range of adapters uses our new ELITE chip, developed specifically for the latest smartphone models. Our new chip offers seamless ultra fast SIM switching and enhanced performance compared to previous chips. The ELITE range has been developed exclusively by us at MAGIC-SIM and is only available through our website. All ELITE models support 5G, 4G/ LTE, and come with a 1 year warranty.
We offer full support and advice if you are having problems installing your adapter. Before contacting us, please ensure you download the installation manual and visit the support section for your product. Our support pages offer answers to most queries. If you still need help, please contact us here. In order for us to assess the issue, please describe your problem and explain exactly what is happening when you try to install your adapter, along with giving the make and model of your mobile. Our customer service team is always on hand to respond quickly and help to resolve the issue.